My Desk

OK, so this picture is not really of a desk but a dining table… which I use as my desk because the real desk is being used by someone who brings home the money… however, that is my view (which I am hella grateful for everyday).

I admit, I was sneaky and I waited until our windows had been cleaned before taking this photo (they get cleaned every three months). I just wasn’t smart enough to take the pic on a clear, bright day. D’oh.

Now, just like a home magazine, I decided I would go through some of the items you see. If this is of no interest to you, click away. I like seeing how others really live. Like what do you do during the day? What does inside your house really look like?

I am not interested in those staged, bullcrap photos. Those “staying in tonight, watching netflix + eating homemade pasta haha #dietstartstomorrow” posts where the pasta looks like it came “homemade” from Eataly, and the person is in a curated outfit with styled hair. Or ‘ouch, the water was too hot from the tap #candidphoto #myturntodothedishes’, of someone who looks like they have never done housework before and has just had their nails done. Come on people! Be better.

First up, 99% of our furniture is from IKEA. Why? a) because we have Ava, b) we’ve learnt to not buy super nice furniture until we move somewhere more permanent, and c) screw you, IKEA stuff is pretty good these days! Sure, it’s not Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel nice, but good-for-about-3-years-before-it-squeaks nice.

Chaise lounge for Ava. Yes, sigh, that is her sofa. I did order it as part of our lounge set for her to use as her cat bed. Settle down. We don’t have human kids, alright? Otherwise we’d have all sorts of kids crap instead.

Extendable dining tables, are genius. I don’t think we will ever buy a non-extendable dining table again because they are just so practical. Even though we don’t have many any friends coming over for dinner, I keep the table extended because we have the space, and I like to make a mess be creative when I craft.

Canvas sign:Believe There Is Good In The World”. I made this sign after a recent Zoom call with a girlfriend who lives in New York. I am a glass half-empty person. Husband would even go as far as to say I am ‘almost-empty’. My friend is an every-glass-on-the-planet-full-with-unlimited-refills person. I was on such a high after speaking to her I wanted something to remind me of her, and her positivity. I do find the sign helps especially on those days where I think ‘wtf is happening?!’ – yeah, I’m looking at you, America.

Burrito, my basil plant is still alive (for now). I have bought several of these types of herb pots in my lifetime and I have killed every single one – until now. I’ve had Burrito since May. She listens to audiobooks with me, watches tv with me, sunbathes on the windowsill (but not too often as I don’t want her to get burnt), and has a shot of water every day. She has grown to be part of the family, so much so, that I forget to eat her in my salads.

Mug, mug. mug, teapot, and water. I start my day with either a coffee, black tea, or both. By the end of each day, I usually have a graveyard of mugs and glasses. Most days I drink 2-3 pots of black tea and two coffees. In the photo, I have my Harry Potter Marauder’s Map mug (I got it last year when we went to the UK Studio), one of my Scooby Doo mugs (I collect and use SD mugs), and my Maxwell Williams mug with a Marini Ferlazzo wombat design. I bought one for Frenchie so we could ‘be together, while apart’). I get through a 5 litre bottle of water (refilled from a 15L bottle) every day. I have always drank a lot of water… I’m a bit like a cow.

Some craft stuff. I just finished the base of all my Christmas cards for the year. I just need to personalize them before popping them into the black hole (aka ‘the post box’). I also have some handmade paper flowers to put on a canvas.

Stuff made of paper. Note books, a yearly planner (which has turned out to be a bit of a joke for this year, am I right fellow planners out there?! heeyy hoooo) and a copy of Lonely Planet’s “The Best Things In Life Are Free.” Frenchie gave me the guide and I have been looking through it to get ideas for my Wanderlust posts. Side note: my colourful notebook & planner are by Molly & Rex. If you’re a papyrophiliac and haven’t heard of Molly & Rex, gtfoh… and go to:

Cards & Harry Potter board game. Since February time (after we came back from our Asia trip), Husband and I started playing a round of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Defence Against The Dark Arts, before 3-5 rounds (of his family’s version) of Rummy and Whist, every day. Yes. Every. Day (or night). My Husband is truly the best. He has learnt “happy wife… means giving her everything she wants.” The win ratio is probably Glo 3 : Husband 2.

HP Spectre laptop. I love this laptop. I loved it a bit more prior to last week (when I accidentally dropped it, twice, and then splashed almond milk on the trackpad). But apart from my mistreatment, it has been the best laptop I’ve ever owned. It is sleek, fast, and has killer speakers.

So now I’ve shown you mine, it’s your turn. What does your desk look like? If you write about it and post your link in my comments, I promise I will read it.

As always, thank you for reading.

7 thoughts on “My Desk

  1. Desks are places where I know where a specific piece of paper can be found in randomly placed piles of scrimmage. Try organising them into subject piles and I cannot find anything. You are so organised!

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  2. Ok, so here is my desk. The view is not nearly as spectacular as yours! I have a Britto poster of a dancing couple that I purchased on our first cruise together, as we met on a dance floor and have enjoyed it ever since…about 10 years and 21 cruises ago! Also included in my view is my Speigel catalogue stick-on clock. I purchased it direct from the catalogue pages when I first moved into my condo..some 25 years ago. Dont zoom too closely as I’m sure it’s got lots of dust bunnies. My desk was purchased as a dining table, but since I generally eat on the couch in front of the TV, it serves perfectly as a desk. My HP printer takes most of the space, as well as the paper that goes with it. The chip/dip server works great to hold essentials like staplers, sticky notes, and of course, candy snacks. The stacks of papers are all about travel plans that I use my Dell laptop to search. That’s pretty much all I use the desk for now. Where are we going and how are we going to get there? Thanks for your post, Glo. We miss you guys and hope to see you on another cruise soon! 😎 Jo

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    1. Hi Jo, thanks for taking the time to describe your desk. You will need to send me the pic via FB or something so I can see it properly as I would love to see it.
      I did not know you guys met about a decade ago while dancing!!! That is so cute and sweet.
      I miss you guys, too – and I hope we reunite very soon x


  3. This came up on my WordPress reader, and it caught my attention because, well a real looking desk. Like you said, not those horribly staged ones which portray a sort of perfection that someone who is actually working on a desk would every actually manage!

    Loved reading it. And now a follower 🙂

    P.S. My husband and I foster cats every now and then, and can totally understand all the fuss!

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    1. Thank you for your comment! And for the follow.
      I’m delighted to hear other cat lovers out there who get what I was saying. He he most people think I’m nuts for buying her her own sofa piece.

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