As An Expat

I have had the pleasure of living in the United Kingdom, the USA, and currently, the United Arab Emirates. These are some of my experiences.

ladies' nights abu dhabi

Ladies’ Nights in Abu Dhabi

Ladies’ Nights are wonderful in Abu Dhabi. They are different to ones I’ve seen and been to around the world because they usually involve FREE drinks and sometimes, some free food! There are no other T&Cs apart from you a) have to be female, b) be of legal drinking age, c) go on/at the right… Continue reading Ladies’ Nights in Abu Dhabi

NYC Speakeasy bars

Finding the NYC speakeasy bars was one of my NYC bucket list to-do’s. What is a speakeasy bar? It is an establishment that sold alcohol during the Prohibition which meant they were out of sight (hidden) from the general public. How did you come to the list above? I collected a list of bars from… Continue reading NYC Speakeasy bars

Jean George, NYC

Eek, this post is long overdue! Especially since our 3rd wedding anniversary is coming around the corner! I gave Husband a cotton shirt with a panda on it as his 2nd wedding anniversary gift, because in the US the 2nd year gift is cotton. Husband’s parents had gifted us a restaurant gift voucher at Christmas… Continue reading Jean George, NYC

A Visit To Coney Island

Coney Island has always been on my NYC bucket list, and on Easter Saturday I was able to tick it off. Husband and I caught the Q train from 57th Street station straight down to Ocean Parkway station. It took roughly an hour each way, and for some reason, the subway wasn’t very busy during… Continue reading A Visit To Coney Island

Murder. Mystery. 2017 birthday!

I recently celebrated my 35th birthday in February. I’m not shy about disclosing how old I am because as I just noted, it’s a celebration! I love celebrating birthdays and it doesn’t even have to be mine. There is nothing to dislike – birthday cake, birthday cake ice cream, birthday cards, birthday parties, birthday presents,… Continue reading Murder. Mystery. 2017 birthday!

Food Truck Friday

Food trucks are always lined up on 55th Street & Broadway on Friday. It is close to our apartment building and I have always termed it “Food truck Friday”. I decided to finally write about these food trucks and take my photos this past Friday, 3 March. Unfortunately, only 3 food trucks were parked on… Continue reading Food Truck Friday

Levain Bakery, NYC

Almost any New York guide book will tell you to head to Levain Bakery up on the Upper West Side and grab a cookie, or two. Not being one to turn away from a cookie, or two, Husband and I headed up to UWS in November. The ‘thing’ about Levain cookies is that they are… Continue reading Levain Bakery, NYC

A New York New Year (2016)

I am not sure what date you’re allowed to wish someone a Happy New Year until but I am guessing it would be around now (late Feb).  So.. Happy New Year, Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year. Apart from the post I made about eBates (where I just received over $200 in cash back – so get… Continue reading A New York New Year (2016)

“Fall”ing more in love…

I have always loved fall/autumn. And by “always” I mean since 2007. In Australia, especially Queensland where I am from, we don’t tend to get distinct ‘seasons’. Sure – we were taught there are ‘seasons’ – we are not that uneducated as some other countries may believe – but in reality, for me while I… Continue reading “Fall”ing more in love…


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