My (Shy) Introvert Life

I recently googled “shy vs introvert” because I wanted to make sure I chose the correct term for a new site I am building, and I came across some of the below infographics detailing the differences which I thought was interesting. I did not think they were different. I thought if you were an introvert, you were shy!

I don’t think I am that shy even though I relate to most of the above “shy” descriptions. I don’t like my photo being taken by strangers, but on the flip side, I am comfortable with striking up a conversation with strangers at any chance I get, like at a bus stop, cafe, grocery store, changing room… (if you hate those types of people, I would be your nightmare. Sorry! (but not sorry) ).

I have always considered myself an introvert (even Myers–Briggs says so). And I think by being one has helped me through coronavirus lockdown/restrictions.

Actually, I am not going to lie. These past few months have totally been my jam. I haven’t met up with any of my friends for months and I am totally fine with that and don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. Meanwhile, most of my extroverted friends have been mentally (and physically) challenged and I really feel for them. I mean, if the situation had been the opposite, where to combat COVID-19 we all had to go out every day for 20 hours, and hang out in large groups, I would be the one bitching non-stop.

So what are you? Have you identified with being an introvert and/or shy? If you are an introvert, have you felt you have coped with lockdown restrictions better than your extroverted friends?

If you’ve read up to here, thank you so much for reading this. Please stay safe, and stay well.

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