My KitKat Break

I feel like there is no escaping Social Media in this day and age.

When I was actively connected to everything, or nearly everything, it became exhausting. Life consuming. Brain draining.

So in early July, I took a social media hiatus for a month from all my primary socials: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So, after a month…

Was I missed?

No – I based this answer on the lack of messages on my Feed and Messenger inbox.

Did I miss being connected?

Besides missing the few cute pics posted by my friends, and a couple of announcements, no.

There was nothing I couldn’t catch up on and “👍” or “❤️” when I checked in after a month.

And I have not been up to anything recently that I desperately needed to share. My stance on wearing a mask, social distancing, Trump, BLM, etc, have not changed, and I doubt my friends’ views have either.

Plus, I am very aware my life is fairly boring and unimportant to others.

There really are only so many pics of Ava, foods I am eating/making, or sunsets that I know people can tolerate.

Did I feel like I was missing out on current affairs, or not learning as much?

I noticed that I was no longer just “fed” information like the news, or new products I should buy to help improve my life, or which other celebrity also complained about Ellen, or that the kid’s pool in our building was closed.

I still got the news. I just had to go online and search for it.

I probably did miss amazing new products which I may have purchased and later binned.

I did miss a few community updates (what’s happening around Abu Dhabi) but Husband filled me in on the exciting and important things.

Overall, I was a lot less distracted by not having information just ‘fed’ to me, but instead, having to search for what I wanted/needed. Like… in the “olden” days.

So… what now?

It is quite funny to me that it took a pandemic to force me to take this break, and enjoy it.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was at home and spent the vast majority of the day on my Socials which I think contributed to my current ‘fed up-ness’.

The past month, I felt I was able to properly focus on things in my life, instead of doing things haphazardly, or half-arsed.

It also occured to me… that perhaps by using Socials, I was not only ‘fed’ info like the news and products, but my friends’ lives…

What is my friend from primary school up to? 👍 If it is on her Feed, that must be it.
X just posted a pic of her new plant. ❤️ Great, so that’s what he is doing, what’s next?
Z just shared a BuzzFeed article featuring dogs licking their tails. 😂 Cool. Next…

and because of this, it made me to feel less (meaningfully) connected.

And I am sure if I feel this way, others would, too, meaning there is no need to further engage with each other. This brief connection may suit some people fine, and suits me fine with my acquaintances, but I would enjoy a deeper connection with my friends.

So for the immediate future, I have decided that I will continue with checking in on my Socials once a month (or when needed), plus make a bigger effort to check in with friends.

What about you? Have you started using Socials more or less during the pandemic? Or have you been on another type of hiatus during this time? Feel free to drop me a comment and let me know.

I hope you’re staying safe and well, and as always, thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “My KitKat Break

  1. Friends are great people who often live as memories who pop up, sometimes unexpected. But family is forever, always there regardless of time, space or distance. Family love is always there.

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  2. Hi Glo. I always enjoy reading from you or hearing directly from you. It makes me smile. I remember meeting you and husband at the electronic poker table that for some reason was very dimly lit as I recall. From there we progressed to our own private game and enjoyed not only our amazing cruise, but all the players we garnered along the way! Loved your formal night change to your pajamas, appreciated our treat to the specialty restaurant, and will always share your walk down a dark NYC side street to meet our arrival and share New York’s beauty with us 2 years later! Love your beauty, inside and out, love your laugh, love your caring, and you’ll always make me smile.

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    1. Thank you Jo – these are such kind words and also such a lovely trip down memory lane. We both find ourselves feeling so lucky to have met you (and the others) on that honeymoon cruise. I often look at the photos from that trip: from sail away, Bora Bora, dining room – and only wished I had taken more pics, especially of the poker group! If cruising is back on by 2024 (lol, it better be) we should definitely aim for a reunion cruise.


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