Time To Plan For 2021-2022

This post displays prettier on my site, so please go there to read it: Towards the end of each year, I start to plan our travel for the following year, sometimes up to two. As you can tell, I live a pretty simple life and have a lot of time on my hands :)… Continue reading Time To Plan For 2021-2022


Same Same… Nothing Different

It's been a while since I last wrote and there's a few reasons for that. Firstly - nothing has happened to me or Husband... to be honest, nothing since February. And not much has happened since my last post. Secondly - I have continued with restricting myself off social media (Facebook, Instagram in particular) for… Continue reading Same Same… Nothing Different

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Husband’s 2015 birthday – NYC style

Husband celebrated his birthday in December. Since his parents were in town, I planned a full day of events for all of us to enjoy. First up - breakfast at Sarabeth’s Tribeca. There is a Sarabeth’s near our apartment at Central Park South, however the reviews on Yelp for that location were hit and miss… Continue reading Husband’s 2015 birthday – NYC style

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Lonely Planet’s 2015 Ultimate Travelist book

On my recent trip to London, I stumbled across Lonely Planet's sand sculpture displays, organized to promote their latest book; Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel. Below are some photos from the sand sculpture displays - honestly, there are some talented people out there.  The detailing is just amazing. Lonely Planet ranks 500 places to see on… Continue reading Lonely Planet’s 2015 Ultimate Travelist book