My Fridge

OK, so this picture is not really of my fridge but our fridge… but I fill it, and empty it, the most out of the two of us.

[Ava has a sixth sense for when a door opens. It could be any type of door – bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe, cupboard, fridge – and she will be there to investigate.]

NOTE: this post is not a lesson on how to stock a fridge. Tbh, I could probably do with some hints and tips, so leave a comment if you have anything helpful for me.

Now, just like a crappy BuzzFeed article (look, they are great time wasters, but I always feel dumber after reading one), I thought I would go through items in my fridge (if this is of no interest to you, click away. If snooping around people’s things is of interest, you may also like my recent “My Desk” post).

I am not a huge fan of staged pics like this one (unless it is food porn).
The pic at the top of the page is actually what the inside of our fridge looks like without rearrangement.

There may actually be people that arrange their fridge nicely but I share a home with a certain one who makes a mess when they eat, leaves their stuff lying around as trip hazards, and drops food all over the ground…
(I’ll let you decide if I am talking about Ava or Husband)
so even if I wanted to line all my items nicely like in this pic, it would be messed up within a second.

“My fridge” presents:

Got milk. Yep. We have milk, for days. For weeks actually. I am lactose intolerant and currently drink almond milk. I go through 1L every couple of days, so I keep stock of it when I have the fridge space.

Husband just drinks full-fat milk which is also a fraction of the price of my almond milk (but he makes up for this by eating expensive berries and yoghurt).

Misuse of the crisper. I keep random drinks instead of fruit & veg in this area.

The bottles laying down are champagnes, liqueurs, dessert wines – it’s a pretty good selection considering I don’t drink.

And in the crisper box is an assortment of soft drinks received with take-away meals, that I didn’t drink at the time.

“Ketch-up time.” I have an assortment of condiments ranging from plain and flavoured ketchups and mayos.

I particularly love the Heinz Sriracha, and Fiery ketchups, and the garlic mayo.

This is also the area Husband puts his opened, half-used pasta sauces.

Pasta, pasta, pasta! For quick and easy meals, Husband has the fresh ravioli pasta found in the fridge section of the supermarket.

We have a running debate whether boiling water for this pasta is considered “heating” or “cooking”. If you think it’s cooking, there’s no need to say so in the comments… because you would be wrong… ha ha ha jks

The fresh pasta that is in the Pyrex container goes hand in hand with the opened, half-used, pasta sauce from above.

Vegetable staples. Technically ‘fruit’, we always have cucumbers and tomatoes on hand as I eat some every day.

Inside one of the containers are Portobello mushrooms which I will make soup with (I make big batches of vegetable soups in my Instant Pot, blitz with my Smeg handheld blender, before freezing, for healthy, easy meals to have later).

Fyi, I swear by my Rubbermaid Freshworks containers. I made sure to bring them with us when we moved from New York. The containers aren’t cheap but they do make produce last longer which is super helpful here (because a lot of it is imported, and since COVID, we now shop less, and buy in bulk).

Eggs & Gnocchi. I always have eggs on hand for either baking, or to eat, fried, with toast.

I am not particularly brand loyal or like routine that much so I like to try new foods and items such as the Gnocchi in this pic (which I will unlikely buy again).

If I could pick my favourite item in the fridge, it would be the bottle of expensive champagne, left over after a dinner party last year – it’s a long story but we did not purchase it, or get given it, nor did we steal it.

What’s in your fridge? Does mine look poorly stocked compared to yours? Feel free to drop me a comment to let me know (I’m like Ava and very curious).

As always, thank you for reading.

5 thoughts on “My Fridge

  1. What is IN the fridge is fine, but my problem is the noises ours make at say 2am in the morning. Burglars? Explosion? White ants? No, just the fridge defrosting.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ohhh apples is good and even mustard and kimchi. I thought you were going to say you put crockery and cutlery in there (you know those people that store things in their unused ovens?) he he


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