As A Tourist

I have lost count of how many countries, cities, hotels, planes, currencies I’ve come across! Below are some of my travel experiences.

ladies' nights abu dhabi

Ladies’ Nights in Abu Dhabi

Ladies’ Nights are wonderful in Abu Dhabi. They are different to ones I’ve seen and been to around the world because they usually involve FREE drinks and sometimes, some free food! There are no other T&Cs apart from you a) have to be female, b) be of legal drinking age, c) go on/at the right… Continue reading Ladies’ Nights in Abu Dhabi

Celebrity Equinox – 11 night Southern Caribbean (May 15-26)

We booked our 11 night Southern Caribbean cruise with Celebrity back in July 2016 via during one of their big sales. Celebrity Cruises and had an amazing deal for this cruise onboard the Celebrity Equinox because it was originally supposed to sail around Europe. So, when Celebrity canceled the Europe route, they had to… Continue reading Celebrity Equinox – 11 night Southern Caribbean (May 15-26)

Celebrity Equinox – Our tour of Virgin Gorda Baths – British Virgin Islands 

Our Celebrity cruise docked at Tortola, British Virgin Islands and went on a shore excursion booked through Celebrity. The tour was called the “Tour of Virgin Gorda Baths” which was 4.5 hours long, and advertised as strenuous but the photos I found on the internet made it look appealing enough for me just do the… Continue reading Celebrity Equinox – Our tour of Virgin Gorda Baths – British Virgin Islands 

DIY Beach Hopping on St. Thomas – Coki Beach, Sapphire Beach & Magens Bay Beach

St Thomas has two cruise ports. Celebrity usually docks at Havensight port however we docked at Crown Bay port the day we arrived. Husband and I decided not to book any cruise shore excursions and to play our luck with catching taxis around to different beaches. When we docked, we walked off the ship to… Continue reading DIY Beach Hopping on St. Thomas – Coki Beach, Sapphire Beach & Magens Bay Beach

Yatala Pies, Brisbane

On our last visit to Brisbane in March, Husband and I stopped off at the famous Yatala Pies. I love a good meat pie and Yatala Pies are great. But for all those that don’t eat meat, Yatala do a great assortment of sweet pies. The menu is quite extensive and feature flavours from the… Continue reading Yatala Pies, Brisbane

NYC Speakeasy bars

Finding the NYC speakeasy bars was one of my NYC bucket list to-do’s. What is a speakeasy bar? It is an establishment that sold alcohol during the Prohibition which meant they were out of sight (hidden) from the general public. How did you come to the list above? I collected a list of bars from… Continue reading NYC Speakeasy bars

A Visit To Coney Island

Coney Island has always been on my NYC bucket list, and on Easter Saturday I was able to tick it off. Husband and I caught the Q train from 57th Street station straight down to Ocean Parkway station. It took roughly an hour each way, and for some reason, the subway wasn’t very busy during… Continue reading A Visit To Coney Island

A visit to the Bronx Zoo

On Good Friday, Husband and I went to the Bronx Zoo. It was a strategic move because we are both IDNYC card holders and to gain access to the New York Aquarium, Prospect Park Zoo, and Central Park Zoo, we had to first enroll at the Bronx Zoo using our IDNYC cards. How did we… Continue reading A visit to the Bronx Zoo

Celebrity Century – Our Honeymoon

Ahhhh.. the honeymoon… one of the benefits of getting married. Husband and I got married in June 2014 and we went on our honeymoon in September that year. Dreaming of a Bora Bora honeymoon Our original honeymoon destination choice was Bora Bora. Yep, Bora Bora.. the island in French Polynesia, an overseas territory of France. A beautiful… Continue reading Celebrity Century – Our Honeymoon

Summertime in Phoenix, Arizona

Many people asked why we went to Arizona in the summer, with temperatures in the high 30s/low 40s (Celcius). And the main reason why I decided was due to the accommodation deal. Friday 1 July – Travel day We had a 4:30pm American Airlines flight from JFK and arrived just in time for boarding. We… Continue reading Summertime in Phoenix, Arizona

Levain Bakery, NYC

Almost any New York guide book will tell you to head to Levain Bakery up on the Upper West Side and grab a cookie, or two. Not being one to turn away from a cookie, or two, Husband and I headed up to UWS in November. The ‘thing’ about Levain cookies is that they are… Continue reading Levain Bakery, NYC

Our trip to Boston (Nov 20-22)

I always wanted to visit Boston, especially after we went to New Haven. I knew I just had to go to the home of Harvard. Husband also wanted to visit Boston because our best man and his girlfriend had recently moved there (to work at Harvard, actually). We caught the Amtrak from Penn Station to… Continue reading Our trip to Boston (Nov 20-22)

A New York New Year (2016)

I am not sure what date you’re allowed to wish someone a Happy New Year until but I am guessing it would be around now (late Feb).  So.. Happy New Year, Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year. Apart from the post I made about eBates (where I just received over $200 in cash back – so get… Continue reading A New York New Year (2016)

“Fall”ing more in love…

I have always loved fall/autumn. And by “always” I mean since 2007. In Australia, especially Queensland where I am from, we don’t tend to get distinct ‘seasons’. Sure – we were taught there are ‘seasons’ – we are not that uneducated as some other countries may believe – but in reality, for me while I… Continue reading “Fall”ing more in love…

Our Cultural Day Out in Manhattan

Our “Cultural Day Out” involved Husband and I utilizing our NYCID cards (which gives us an annual membership to loads of cultural institutions). I planned a big day out for us which started at 9:30am and ended sometime after 6pm. First up, after we grabbed some breakfast (of course), we walked from the coffee shop… Continue reading Our Cultural Day Out in Manhattan

London calling…

I have been in London for almost three weeks and to be completely honest, this trip has been very uneventful besides a few catch up dinners with friends, and Husband’s dad’s 60th weekend. We flew Virgin Atlantic from JFK to Heathrow.  Husband was flying with work so he was able to get us both access… Continue reading London calling…

Cupcake hunt: Empire Cake

My lovely NYC neighbour ‘ACP’ told me I had to go to Empire Cake and try their Salted Caramel Cupcake. I told her I was actually going to be down near that area on Sunday and popped in after going through the pop-up Seinfeld apartment. Husband and I had been past and in Empire Cake… Continue reading Cupcake hunt: Empire Cake

Our Week In Vegas

Husband’s parents were over from the UK for a few weeks and for one of those weeks we stayed in Las Vegas. Many of you may immediately think that a week in Vegas is a long time.  Which may be true, however considering Husband Seniors had never been to Vegas, it provided us enough time… Continue reading Our Week In Vegas

Day 2 in Montreal, Canada

The one thing on my list I wanted to do on my Montreal list was to go to the markets, and see the Biosphere if we had time. Well, Montreal is small, so we got to do everyone on my list. Husband is truly a great travel companion because once my laziness of ‘I just… Continue reading Day 2 in Montreal, Canada

Basilique Notre-Dame De Montreal

Our first day in Montreal

Husband and I woke from a massive sleep.  I was up before Husband which was something new.  He slept in until 10:40am which was something new, too. After we got ourselves ready for the day, we headed out to tick off the list of things I had researched to do on our first day. First… Continue reading Our first day in Montreal

Montreal & Maison Boulud

We arrived into Montreal around 7:15PM and by the time we found our hotel and checked in, it was 7:30PM. We stayed at the Hotel Bonaventure. I selected this hotel as I wanted it as close to the train station so that on Sunday morning we wouldn’t need to wake up early from a distant… Continue reading Montreal & Maison Boulud


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