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Niagara Falls, Canada side (Mar 2016)

https://youtu.be/16lgdIKG7MA (Click on the above image to start the videos, otherwise click here) Husband and I visited Niagara Falls earlier this year when he was in Toronto for business.I had asked to go there for a weekend visit previously but Husband was never really committed to taking me.Only after going in March, I understood why.… Continue reading Niagara Falls, Canada side (Mar 2016)

Expat - New York

My Central Park Winter Wonderland

Films and TV shows have romanticized the walk through Central Park for me. They'd shown someone walking through, eating a bagel or something with one hand, and sipping a coffee from the other. And I had always wanted to be that bagel eating, coffee drinking person. Today was perfect for this scene as it was… Continue reading My Central Park Winter Wonderland