Maldives? Yes, please!

The Maldives is a small island nation in South Asia, situated in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. Or south-west of Sri Lanka if that's easier for you to picture. When I think of the Maldives, I picture calm, clear blue waters, white soft sand, tranquility... sort of like that time we went to… Continue reading Maldives? Yes, please!


My Research & Plans For Portugal

Written as part of my "Wanderlust" series - where I'm doing the planning now for travel later. Portugal... home to the Portuguese tart (pastel de nata), port (it's in the name after all), fresh seafood, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Of all the Western European countries I have visited, I have not been to Portugal or Andorra.… Continue reading My Research & Plans For Portugal

Expat - Abu Dhabi · Middle East

Staycay At Rixos Premium (During The Pandemic)

Why Rixos Premium hotel It was the only hotel that met our three requirements: be in Abu Dhabi have a private beachthe price per night needed to be close to the amount of our hotel voucher The Rixos Premium ended up being the most expensive hotel available in Abu Dhabi for the dates I wanted,… Continue reading Staycay At Rixos Premium (During The Pandemic)

Expat - Abu Dhabi · Middle East

Zaya Nurai Island – “the Maldives of the UAE”

I had the privilege of visiting Zaya Nurai Island twice this year. This luxury private island off the main part of Abu Dhabi is something I would class as a “hidden gem” and a “must-do” when visiting or living in Abu Dhabi. I would rank this experience in my Top 3 places worth visiting and seeing… Continue reading Zaya Nurai Island – “the Maldives of the UAE”

Cruising · Nth America

Island Princess cruise – Alaska (Sept 7-14)

On our most recent trip we went on a cruise to Alaska, and then spent a few days in Vancouver. Island Princess - Princess Cruises I must say that this trip was one of the best holidays in my life (it didn’t beat my 30th birthday extravaganza or honeymoon, but I’d say it would make… Continue reading Island Princess cruise – Alaska (Sept 7-14)

Nth America

Taking the Amtrak from New York to Philadelphia

Dilworth Park - outside City Hall. The fountain, open in the warmer months, transforms into an ice skating rink each winter. Husband and I went away with LQ (our friend visiting from Hong Kong) for Memorial Day weekend to Philadelphia. "Clothespin" is a weathering steel sculpture, by Claes Oldenburg. Saturday – May 28 We took… Continue reading Taking the Amtrak from New York to Philadelphia

Nth America

Niagara Falls, Canada side (Mar 2016)

https://youtu.be/16lgdIKG7MA (Click on the above image to start the videos, otherwise click here) Husband and I visited Niagara Falls earlier this year when he was in Toronto for business.I had asked to go there for a weekend visit previously but Husband was never really committed to taking me.Only after going in March, I understood why.… Continue reading Niagara Falls, Canada side (Mar 2016)