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Summer Of Chipotle: Chiptopia 2016

This is a tribute post to Chipotle’s Summer Reward program that was held over the summer of 2016 (1 July to 30 September) in the States. From my knowledge, Chipotle never ran this same Summer Reward program again. And this is probably why… Back in in 2016, Chipotle just couldn’t shake off all their bad… Continue reading Summer Of Chipotle: Chiptopia 2016

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A Visit To Coney Island

Coney Island has always been on my NYC bucket list, and on Easter Saturday I was able to tick it off. Husband and I caught the Q train from 57th Street station straight down to Ocean Parkway station. It took roughly an hour each way, and for some reason, the subway wasn’t very busy during… Continue reading A Visit To Coney Island

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Niagara Falls, Canada side (Mar 2016)

https://youtu.be/16lgdIKG7MA (Click on the above image to start the videos, otherwise click here) Husband and I visited Niagara Falls earlier this year when he was in Toronto for business.I had asked to go there for a weekend visit previously but Husband was never really committed to taking me.Only after going in March, I understood why.… Continue reading Niagara Falls, Canada side (Mar 2016)

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Our Cultural Day Out in Manhattan

Our "Cultural Day Out" involved Husband and I utilizing our NYCID cards (which gives us an annual membership to loads of cultural institutions). I planned a big day out for us which started at 9:30am and ended sometime after 6pm. First up, after we grabbed some breakfast (of course), we walked from the coffee shop… Continue reading Our Cultural Day Out in Manhattan

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BookCon 2015 – Saturday, May 30

I attended the BookCon earlier this year, and my main reason for going was to see Mindy live.BookCon is like the famous ComicCon but for.. well, books and authors. It’s relatively new as the first one was only held last year. The 2016 event will be held in Chicago. Bodhi the menswear dog - http://mensweardog.tumblr.com/ The… Continue reading BookCon 2015 – Saturday, May 30

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NYC Cheesecake hunt – Eileen’s Cheesecake

I had bought a Groupon voucher for Eileen’s Cheesecake while Husband's parents were in town. Eileen’s were celebrating their 30th anniversary at the time and through Groupon, I paid $30 and received $40 to spend in store. I had been dying to try Eileen’s for a long time as I had heard amazing things about… Continue reading NYC Cheesecake hunt – Eileen’s Cheesecake

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Venturing around Brooklyn and walking the Brooklyn Bridge

The day we checked out Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, the group of us decided to just venture around and walk aimlessly. Husband and I had nothing planned for the day as we just had visit Brooklyn in store. So we started walking. We walked through a large area inhabited by a Jewish community. I later read… Continue reading Venturing around Brooklyn and walking the Brooklyn Bridge

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St Patrick’s Day Parade – New York, 17 March 2015

I heard the St Patrick's Day Parade was a sight to see. So while Husband was busy at work, I popped down to see what the fuss was about. I didn't find it particulary special. I am not Irish so there wasn't that connection. But I can now cross it off as one of those… Continue reading St Patrick’s Day Parade – New York, 17 March 2015