My Fridge

OK, so this picture is not really of my fridge but our fridge... but I fill it, and empty it, the most out of the two of us. [Ava has a sixth sense for when a door opens. It could be any type of door - bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe, cupboard, fridge - and she will… Continue reading My Fridge

Expat - New York

Summer Of Chipotle: Chiptopia 2016

This is a tribute post to Chipotle’s Summer Reward program that was held over the summer of 2016 (1 July to 30 September) in the States. From my knowledge, Chipotle never ran this same Summer Reward program again. And this is probably why… Back in in 2016, Chipotle just couldn’t shake off all their bad… Continue reading Summer Of Chipotle: Chiptopia 2016

Expat - New York

FreshDirect Thanksgiving Dinner Feast Kit

This is a review for the small 2016 FreshDirect Thanksgiving Feast kit. I am posting early so that people (in New York area) that like to plan ahead (like me) can consider this as an option! Our first Thanksgiving in New York was in 2015 when we went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade. That year… Continue reading FreshDirect Thanksgiving Dinner Feast Kit

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NYC Cheesecake hunt – Eileen’s Cheesecake

I had bought a Groupon voucher for Eileen’s Cheesecake while Husband's parents were in town. Eileen’s were celebrating their 30th anniversary at the time and through Groupon, I paid $30 and received $40 to spend in store. I had been dying to try Eileen’s for a long time as I had heard amazing things about… Continue reading NYC Cheesecake hunt – Eileen’s Cheesecake

Expat - New York · Nth America

Smorgasburg in Williamsburg

Our first trip ever to Brooklyn was to visit the Smorgasburg - in Williamsburg. Smorgasburg is a weekly event where loads of different food vendors set up a site and sell their food.  Anything from ribs, burgers, buns to cookies, ice-cream sandwiches and popcorn. It was the first weekend the Smorgasburg returned to its… Continue reading Smorgasburg in Williamsburg