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FreshDirect Thanksgiving Dinner Feast Kit

This is a review for the small 2016 FreshDirect Thanksgiving Feast kit. I am posting early so that people (in New York area) that like to plan ahead (like me) can consider this as an option! Our first Thanksgiving in New York was in 2015 when we went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade. That year… Continue reading FreshDirect Thanksgiving Dinner Feast Kit

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“Fall”ing more in love…

I have always loved fall/autumn. And by "always" I mean since 2007. In Australia, especially Queensland where I am from, we don't tend to get distinct 'seasons'. Sure - we were taught there are 'seasons' - we are not that uneducated as some other countries may believe - but in reality, for me while I… Continue reading “Fall”ing more in love…

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Our Cultural Day Out in Manhattan

Our "Cultural Day Out" involved Husband and I utilizing our NYCID cards (which gives us an annual membership to loads of cultural institutions). I planned a big day out for us which started at 9:30am and ended sometime after 6pm. First up, after we grabbed some breakfast (of course), we walked from the coffee shop… Continue reading Our Cultural Day Out in Manhattan