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Carb overloading in the Lower East Side

Today Husband and I went on another carb hunt - our target area today was the Lower East Side. Lower East Side Carb Hunt I had to write this post after a nap due to the overwhelming amount of carbs I've just stuffed into my face, as you will read below. We took the subway… Continue reading Carb overloading in the Lower East Side

Expat - New York

Ava’s Big Move

This post is especially dedicated to all my readers that have animal children.  I hope that you, of all people in the world, won’t read the following and scrunch up your faces with a puzzled look of ‘why?!’, but instead, be able to understand and relate to our actions as pure, unconditional love. Our whole… Continue reading Ava’s Big Move

Expat - New York

What does one buy first in New York?

Well in my case my first purchase was made in the World's Largest Store, Macy's (I am not sure if it IS the world's largest store anymore.. but anyway)... In Macy's I purchased two Tommy H cowl-neck sweaters. Then we tramped over to H&M for some leggings and tights. Yes, exciting. Especially for Husband. Then… Continue reading What does one buy first in New York?