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Onboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2), Dubai

We celebrated Halloween this year with a mini staycation onboard the QE2 in Dubai. We booked their Halloween promo which included the “haunted tour below the decks”, a night’s stay, breakfast, and Halloween brunch, for two. 🎃

The QE2 was once a Cunard cruise ship and liner before retiring in 2008. It operated between 1969 and 2008. The original plans were for the ship to be docked the Palm Jumeirah as a floating hotel but after a decade of stalled plans, it was docked at Mina Rashid and officially opened in October 2018.

QE2 Dubai Welcome Signs

Our Room

QE2 Standard Cabin

Jon and I checked into our standard room. I am still unsure what parts were original or renovated but if the layout and features remain the same, the room was impressive even by today’s standards!

Our room had a bathtub and walk-in-robe! We’ve cruised a bit but we have never had a room with these features as they are nearly always in the Suites (which cost mega bucks).

(I have no idea how to decrease the size of this video and yes, the footage is terrible. It’s still amateur hour over here folks, buckle up 😹)

The Haunted Tour

The haunted tour, run by Project Rising Star, was essentially a haunted house but on a ship. 👻 There were three different “scare” levels, ranging from Level 1 to 3.

Jon absolutely hates horror movies and does not like being scared but he stepped up and suggested that we do Level 3, which required us to sign a waiver. We were informed that ‘characters’ would run up to us and may reach out to us but we are not allowed to touch them.

Project Rising Star - Glo Abroad
Project Rising Star Levels - Glo Abroad

We weren’t allowed to take photos or film the experience so I will sum up our experience with these words: it was short, and scary.

The walk-through took no more than 15 minutes. If you’re curious about the experience, you can watch this preview created by Time Out:

Breakfast & Brunch

We had breakfast and brunch included in our stay and they were both “buffet” style feeds. For breakfast, knowing we would be feasting shortly at the brunch, I had a couple of eggs and a strong mug of black tea. Meanwhile, Jon impressively ate a few plates of food.

QE2 Halloween Brunch

The Halloween Brunch was quite impressive. It was a big spread with seating inside and out.

It was Halloween themed and many guests came in fancy dress. There was a BBQ station outside, a pizza oven downstairs, Asian, Indian, Italian, Roasts, and more, stations upstairs.

Free QE2 History Tour

Items from the past QE2

After we consumed our meals, we met at the Concierge desk for the free QE2 history tour. At that point I felt like we needed a good hour’s walk around to move the food.

The gentleman that ran our tour was once a Cunard passenger and staff member. He said he was now employed to run the tours and I can see why – he spoke with such knowledge and enthusiasm that it was difficult not to pay attention.

The most interesting information I took from the tour was that our guide had sailed with several different celebrities including David Bowie (he apparently didn’t like flying to gigs so he sailed, and he wrote a few of his songs onboard in his cabin), the youngest passenger and survivor of the Titanic, Millvina Dean, and that what is now a Circle-K (a convenience store like a 7-Eleven) onboard was once a Harrods store.


The End To Our Spooky Staycay

Overall the package was great value. We did something different and we had a great time.

If you’re a history or maritime buff, I would recommend popping in for the free tour or staying onboard for a night – the hotel is close enough to the Dubai International Airport.

Queen Elizabeth 2, Mina Rashid, P.O. Box 6769, Dubai, UAE, www.qe2.com

QE2 Dubai Location


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