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Sailing around St Lucia (with “No Links” tour)

We docked at Castries in St Lucia with the plan to get a tour from a local operator so we’d see parts of the island. We had decided to look for a tour with the Welsh couple we made friends with on board the ship.

Once inside the terminal we had many options. Hmmm… that’s a huge understatement. There were loads of operators ‘fighting’ for our tourist dollar. We were bombarded with options to go to beaches, travel around the island via van, via boat, snorkeling, swimming, shopping….

We ended up going with Penny from No Links tours. She gave the best price (one which I promised not to divulge).

We popped out onto the local streets close by to the terminal after we booked our trip with Penny. We didn’t stay out long as there wasn’t too much that we wanted to buy.

We met Penny (and the rest of the people going on our tour) back in the terminal at 10:15am.

The tour involved travelling by boat to various part of the island including The Pitons, Marigot Bay, a land tour through an inactive volcano, mud/clay and thermal baths, going under a waterfall, snorkel around Anse Chastanet beach, and unlimited rum punch.

We had amazing weather for the day. It was warm and overcast which was perfect for being out on a boat.

The boat ride was so much fun. Our captain sped the boat up so fast we felt we launched up into the air a few times. He also sped up quickly and would then turn sharply, almost throwing us out of our seats. It was so awesome.

Now, here are some photos from our tour. Unfortunately, the ones of the thermal mud baths and rainforest are on our waterproof camera and I haven’t been brave enough to look at photos of me in my bikini so they’ll have to be skipped for now.

Anyway, enjoy –

The Pitons (two volcanic plugs in a World Heritage site in St Lucia):

This was in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films:

Jade Mountain Resort (brown looking circular car park building) was where The Bachelor 2010 was filmed (we snorkeled at this beach):

The weird looking house is owned by George Foreman:

Marigot Bay:

$10 chicken local lunch:

St Lucia summary:

The No Links tour was hands-down the best one we did on our vacation. The crew were friendly and accommodating. The places we went were great. If we ever go back to St Lucia we would try and get another tour from these guys.

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  1. Yo that peas on the side with, what’s that, mac and cheese on the side? #Shot Hungry right about now…


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