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Celebrity Equinox – Trekking around Barbados

We docked at Bridgetown, Barbados. The terminal was a bit more developed looking compared to the other ports we’d stopped at. The terminal featured a lot of little stores selling duty free items, souvenirs, cigarettes, ice-cream, and alcohol. The taxi and tour operators were available once we stepped out of the small shopping area.

At dinner the previous night, our neighboring diners (a lovely couple from Wales, UK), told us that they took a taxi tour around the island (and had also stopped at Valley Beach Church), and that gave us inspiration to do the same in Barbados, again because we didn’t have much planned to go see or do besides going to Carlisle Bay (Fodor’s recommendation).

We asked the info booth inside the shopping area told us to head to an area outside to get a taxi tour. The lady told us that it would cost $25 for a 2.5 hour tour of the island.

When we stepped outside we told someone what we were interested in doing and he walked us to a van where a driver and four other cruise passengers were waiting. We decided to join them for a 3.5 hour island tour for $30.

1st stop: Fitts Village

Our tour guide stopped here briefly to let us take photos.

2nd stop: Beach View

This was another brief stop for a quick photo. This beach sits behind the Beach View hotel.

3rd stop: Sandy Lane

I asked our guide where Rihanna was from in Barbados and he explained that she lasted lived in Bridgetown but when she comes to visit now, she stays at Sandy Lane. Rooms cost from $1,000 – $5,000 USD per night. We took photos of the outside of the hotel from the van.

4th stop: Chattel Village

We didn’t get out of the van for this stop either. Chattel Village is a group of shops in Chattel houses located in a popular area on Barbados. A “Chattel house” is a moveable, wooden house because back in the day, home owners didn’t necessary own the land their homes were on.

5th stop: St James Parish Church

The church seemed to be a big tourist stop. A service had just finished so we walked around the church and took photos.

6th stop: Mullins Beach

We drove past this beach and that’s how I snapped this fab photo. I don’t recall there being great significance of this beach.

7th stop: Speightstown

We stopped at Speightstown to take a few photos. We parked near the Speightstown pier where I managed to get a few nice shots, one including Husband’s back.

8th stop: Cherry Tree Hill Reserve

We stopped at Cherry Tree Hill Reserve long enough to take photos, get asked by locals at least three times to buy their goods, and watch our fellow passengers drink coconut water from a fresh coconut.

9th stop: Lakes Beach

Lakes Beach is on the East Coast of Barbados, just north of our next stop at Bathsheba. We didn’t get out of the van at this place so this was another fab photo taken from the van.

10th stop: Bathsheba

We stopped here to take a lot of photos but we didn’t go into the water. The East coast waters are a LOT rougher than the ones on the West coast.

At this stop, we were told a guy would have one of the local Green Monkeys. Unfortunately, it was tied up on a leash, wearing a little jacket – and he was asking for money for photos. Errr, no. So here’s a photo of a Green Monkey I found on the internet.

11th stop: Carlisle Bay & surrounding beaches

The only place I wanted to make sure we stopped at was Carlisle Bay because it was the only place I had researched. I am still a bit confused of what the different beaches are at Carlisle Bay. The area is huge.

Our fellow passengers, made up of four Kiwis, kept saying how “easy” they were with whatever beach we decided to go to. But when we arrived at Carlisle Bay, they weren’t happy with it! They wanted somewhere “with a bar” and “with nice palm trees with lots of shade” and “calm beautiful waters” — referring to beaches like the ones they’d visited (on other islands). *giant eye roll from me* They were possibly the fussiest Kiwis I had ever met that claimed they were easy going. Husband and I got out at Carlisle Bay and felt sorry for our tour guide who had the responsibility of finding their ideal beach. 

The beach was lovely. We popped into the water for a little bit before walking up and down the shoreline and snapping up a few photos.

Barbados overall:

Our decision to go for a tour around the island was a good one. Our driver was very informative and he came across very island proud which was awesome. I wasn’t taken away by Barbados and wouldn’t rush back… so sorry Rhianna!!

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