Yatala Pies, Brisbane

On our last visit to Brisbane in March, Husband and I stopped off at the famous Yatala Pies.

I love a good meat pie and Yatala Pies are great. But for all those that don’t eat meat, Yatala do a great assortment of sweet pies.

The menu is quite extensive and feature flavours from the normal plain steak, steak & mushroom, chicken & vegie, vegetable, pepper steak, lamb coconut curry, and more. You can opt for extras such as peas, potatoes, gravy or even hot chips.

For those with a sweet tooth, the flavours include apple, apricot, berry, caramel tart, apple turnover, custard tart, various different slices, and more.

The venue is big with lots of seating and they even have a drive-thru for those that don’t even want to leave their car.

We ordered a plain steak pie with potatoes, lamb coconut pie, apple pie with cream, and a good ole Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

I loved my steak pie and the apple pie was delicious. Husband however didn’t fancy his somewhat gourmet pie which is a bit of a shame.

If you are in Brisbane and heading to/from the Gold Coast, I highly recommend you popping into Yatala and grabbing a pie – they even have family size ones you can heat up at home.

You can find Yatala Pies at 48 Old Pacific Hwy, Yatala Q 4207.

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