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2016 PaleyFest – Elementary & Gotham

What is the PaleyFest?

The PaleyFest: Made in New York was an organized event by the Paley Center for Media. The event ran over a couple of weeks in October 2016. Actors from different TV shows filmed in New York came out to discuss their show on stage. Fans got to see a screening of an episode, meet their favourite actors, and ask questions during the Q&A.

Why did I go to PaleyFest?

So there is one thing about me that most people know. I LOVE TV. I watch so many hours of TV a week that I, myself, cause the average for my demographic to increase significantly. I even have an app that lists all the episodes for a TV series I follow. After each episode I watch, I mark it off on the app so I can keep track of where I am with all my shows.

PaleyFest was an obvious must-do for me.

How did I get tickets?

I went to the PaleyFest site in October and looked for shows I would be interested in going to.

I wanted to go to Elementary and possibly Gotham.

How much were tickets?

From memory, if you were a member they were highly discounted, and if you bought them, they were about $30-50.

I went for the ‘free’ option which would give me a seat in an area where I could watch the live discussion take place on a screen.

I was OK with that as I didn’t know what to expect.

PaleyFest: Made in New York – Elementary – 8 October, 2016

Husband and I turned up at the Paley Center at around half an hour before the event started because I think that is what my email told me to do.

When we arrived we were given two tickets marked with the numbers ‘3’ and ‘4’. We were told we would be in the ‘second viewing’ area – like I explained above, BUT there could be a small possibility we could be moved into the main viewing area of where the discussion took place if there were any no-shows.

Around 5:50pm, a number of us waiting in the second viewing area were called (by number) to follow an usher into the main room.

We got SO lucky! We were seated on the far left and only a few rows back. The seats were amazing.

What happened during the discussion?

We got to watch an episode of Elementary that had not been aired yet. The cast came out and chatted about the filming of the show and then there was a Q&A session with the audience.

It was pretty laid-back and cool.

What happened after?

Well, after the ‘show’ time, I became one of those fans, trying to sneak a photo with anyone I could get my hands on. But I was a bit of a chicken. I asked Lucy if I could get a selfie with her and she tried to brush me away. I eventually got one with her. Win!

PaleyFest: Made in New York – Gotham – 20 October, 2016

We had such a great experience with Elementary that we thought we would try our luck with Gotham.

We had a similar experience but this time, while we were waiting, we were not placed in the second viewing area. We got to stand in the lobby area which was much better because we got to see all the cast while they spoke to press before the discussion panel. So yes, it was a lot more amazing because we got to see them all and up close!!!

We got to watch an un-aired episode and listen to the cast talk. The Q&A session was pretty interactive.

After the discussion panel, the actors exited the venue and there were a lot more opportunities to get photos with them. I asked the Riddler if I could take a photo with him and he said yes. Then I asked the Mad Hatter and he also agreed.  They were so sweet and had no problems with fans (obviously) wanting selfies.

Erin Richards who plays Barbara Kean-Gordon
Drew Powell who plays Butch Gitzean
Cory Michael Smith who plays Riddler. Robin Taylor who plays Penguin
Benedict Samuel who plays the Mad Hatter

I haven’t heard of Elementary or Gotham – should I start to watch them?

Elementary is a modern take on Sherlock Holmes. You get to see a lot of New York sites in the show, the content is smart, and it’s filmed like most cop tv shows (with that gritty, city look).

Gotham is an interpretation of Batman. The content is dark, can often be graphic, and I think is beautifully and artistically filmed. It has a somewhat ‘fantasy’ feel about it.

You are asking the wrong person if you want my advice on whether you should start watching these because that conversation could go for a long time. Try 3-4 episodes of each one and see how you go.

Thinking about going to PaleyFest?

Yes, do it! They are held in LA and in NYC, so if you are in either city, go to the website first and see if there is anything happening at either location – and then just go!

5 thoughts on “2016 PaleyFest – Elementary & Gotham

  1. Hello! Your post is interesting, but I don’t understand one thing about the ticket. If you aren’t a member and buy a regular ticket, do you have a seat in the theater where actors talk about the TV serie?


    1. Hi Chiara! Thanks so much for reading.
      If you don’t buy a regular ticket and select the “free” ticket, you get entry into a ‘viewing’ area which is a room outside of the theatre (where people with regular tickets and the actors are).
      However, if you go early enough with a “free ticket”, you get placed onto a waiting list to get bumped up into the main theatre!


      1. Thank you!! I got it.
        Sorry, one last question. To buy a regular ticket you must be a Paley member?


      2. That’s ok! Ask away!
        I don’t remember having to be a member to buy the tickets (I was originally going to buy tickets to Gotham). I think members get first choice and possibly a discount.


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