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The Circle Line tour – The Best of NYC

Alright people.. are you ready for an overload of photos and gifs?

On Easter Sunday, Husband and I went on the famous Circle Line tour.

I took over 300 photos and 20 videos. To get the 40 photos below, I painfully went through each one and edited the ones I chose. Urgh… I could never be a wedding photographer.

Back to the tour.

About the Circle Line tour

We selected the Best of NYC cruise tour. The tour boards at Pier 83 on West 42nd St & 12th Ave, next to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space museum. It cost $42 per person and the boat went around the whole of Manhattan, see the map below:

The ‘special’ thing about this tour is the commentary. On the day of our tour, we got to stand outside at the front of the boat on the first floor which provided awesome views. But the commentary did not reach that area. And if it did anyway, it would have been no use to me as the announcer had a deep, Southern accent (one of my favourites) but over the speakers, on a noisy boat, just sounded like muffled guff.

OK, so enough of that – photo time, enjoy (said with utmost sarcasm as we all know how terrible my photography skills are)!

Verdict: The Circle Line tour

If you’ve got a spare few hours and dollars, and the weather is nice – head on over and pop on the tour. Otherwise, it probably isn’t an absolute must to do in New York.

Comments are always appreciated.. what's on your mind?

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