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A visit to the Bronx Zoo

On Good Friday, Husband and I went to the Bronx Zoo.

It was a strategic move because we are both IDNYC card holders and to gain access to the New York Aquarium, Prospect Park Zoo, and Central Park Zoo, we had to first enroll at the Bronx Zoo using our IDNYC cards.

How did we get to the Bronx Zoo from midtown Manhattan, and back?

We caught the 1 train from Columbus Circle and changed to the 2 at 96th St Station. It was then about a 15-minute walk from Pelham Parkway Station. There is hardly and signage to help pedestrians get to the zoo from that station so we took a bit longer than 15 minutes.

We did the reverse on the way back (caught the 2, then the 1) and the walk was quick (despite having very tired feet) from the zoo to the station as we just followed the same path we took earlier.

Arriving at the zoo

We arrived at the Fordham Road Gate entrance around 12:30pm and started our day looking at the sea lions, Madagascar exhibit, Congo Gorilla Forest, African Plains, Baboon Reserve, bears, Tiger Mountain, and back out the Fordham Road Gate.

You can try and follow the path we traveled by looking (and clicking to enlarge) at the zoo map below:

How much does it cost?

There are two types of tickets:

Total Experience Tickets valid for one day

Family Zoos Plus Membership valid for a year

The Family Zoo membership is really quite good because it allows up to 3 adults and 4 children entry.

What the IDNYC card doesn’t cover:

Our entry did not include the Total Experience which meant we had to pay extra ($6 for one attraction or $17 for entry to all) for any of the below.:

Husband was super bummed as he really wanted to ride the Bug Carousel and look exactly like the kid in the photo (ha ha obvious joke to anyone that knows him). However, we did pay the $6 and enter the Congo Gorilla Forest which was worth every penny.

Can you buy food there?

It’s America – of course you can! However, we did not because we popped into Maison Kayser and grabbed a croissant and sandwich to go.

I did miss out on trying the famous Dippin’ Dots, “the original and unbeatable flash-frozen ice cream sensation”, so I can’t really comment on what it tastes like. Next time….

Would we go again?

Definitely. It did take us over an hour to get there so we’d make a full day out of it but I think sometime later this year in fall we will go back and see the attractions we missed.

I should also note that this is the first zoo I have been to where I could see all the animals and most of them were very active. I would say that nearly every other zoo I have been to in the past had some animals just sleeping (not moving) or hidden as they didn’t want to come out for the day. So I thought that was interesting. Maybe the Bronx animals get paid more and get bonuses for every appearance they make? Hard to say. But it did make our visit pretty awesome.

I took over 200 photos and when I reviewed them on my laptop, they were all pretty bad so I have mainly posted severely optimized .gifs I created. However, there was one photo I had to share for all the Australians out there:

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