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Burger Joint (Le Parker Meridien)

Burger Joint is a place that serves.. burgers… and is somewhat hidden inside the Le Parker Meridien (119 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019). I am not sure why this place is hidden behind a red velvet curtain but it does give it a bit of mystique.

Behind the red velvet curtain, look for the neon burger sign – that’s the entrance

Once inside, the mystique is all gone. It is a dimly lit venue with graffiti and posters plastered on the walls, and hand written menus on cardboard displaying the limited options. There are several booths and high tables for people to sit, but is relatively small for how popular this place is.

Classy handwritten menus on cardboard
Seating in the Burger Joint

To be honest, if this was somewhere else, not inside a Le Parker Meridien hotel, most people would probably avoid it because it looks a bit too divey. It reminded me of a dingy music venue.

Here is the menu:

Menu from http://www.burgerjointny.com/56thstreet

Husband and I both ordered a cheeseburger with the works and some fries to share.


The burger was very tasty. I ordered mine medium and it was nice and juicy. The mix of the mayo and mustard made it quite addictive.

Burgers are served wrapped in plain paper. Excuse the shadow ha ha
Fat, juicy beef burger

The fries, however, were a dud and nothing to write home about.. so I won’t. Stick to the burgers and you’ll be fine.

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