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Murder. Mystery. 2017 birthday!

I recently celebrated my 35th birthday in February. I’m not shy about disclosing how old I am because as I just noted, it’s a celebration!

I love celebrating birthdays and it doesn’t even have to be mine. There is nothing to dislike – birthday cake, birthday cake ice cream, birthday cards, birthday parties, birthday presents, celebrating it with loved ones.. the list goes on for me.

This year, I wanted to hold a Murder Mystery dinner party for it. I purchased the “Pasta, Passion & Pistols” game which had an Italian theme, so I planned to serve Italian foods. I was already thinking pizza, pasta, cheesecake, cannoli….

Murder Mystery Party – Pasta, Passion & Pistols

The game: There are many variations of a murder mystery party. There are the highly organized ones where the party is held at a restaurant, or castle! But the one I did a few years ago, was just like this one – out of a box – like the other good things in life like cookies, macaroni, cakes…

The box kit includes the party planner which provides details of what to do for the event, scripts for every player, a CD, invitations, name badges – pretty much everything is included.

I sent out the invitation via evite.com (instead of using the paper ones included in the kit) and once RSVPs came through, I assigned each attendee with a character. I suggested that everyone come in character and if they wanted to dress up, the better.

I planned a 3-course menu for the party.

Starter: Olives, cold meats, buffalo mozzarella with tomato and basil


Main: Tortellini, ravioli, fettucine, meatballs, large mix salad with Italian dressing


Dessert: Lobster tails, cannoli, Italian cheesecake with strawberries and ice cream.

These I got from Veniero’s. An Italian bakery that has been in New York since 1894!


The murder mystery game went really well. Everyone got into it and although I was short a player, one of my friends kindly stepped up and played two characters.

We all had a fantastic time and I already plan on holding my next murder mystery dinner!

You can find the game on Amazon.com or Walmart.com – they range from $15-$25.

Credit: Some of the above food photos were taken by my friend AA.

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