Expat - New York

Food Truck Friday

Food trucks are always lined up on 55th Street & Broadway on Friday. It is close to our apartment building and I have always termed it “Food truck Friday”.


I decided to finally write about these food trucks and take my photos this past Friday, 3 March.

Unfortunately, only 3 food trucks were parked on Friday along Broadway when there is usually 4-6. The day was particularly cold and windy but I am not sure if that impacts whether the food trucks are out or not.

The food trucks available were Carpe Donut, Jolly Fat Pig, and Coney Shack.

Husband met me for lunch and we ate from the Jolly Fat Pig (awesome name which really resonates with me) and Coney Shack.


From the Jolly Fat Pig I ordered the Crispy Pork Belly roll. They serve Latin fusion food. The Crispy Pork Belly roll was large in size, the bread was soft and chewy, and the pork was not the crispy type I am used to but it was juicy.

From Coney Shack which serves South East Asian fusion food, Husband ordered 3 different tacos (Beer Battered Crunchy Fish, Garlic Lemongrass Chicken & Caramelized Garlic Pork), and a Luc Lac Short rib burrito. The flavours of the tacos were delicious. The burrito was probably the biggest let down of the lot.

Overall the food was good and although it’s Manhattan pricing, it is in line with other lunch places around the area.

I also found this useful website called the Wandering Lunch (https://wanderinglunch.com/nyc/alltrucks) which lists where the different food trucks will be parked on the day.

Happy food trucking.

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