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My Stay At The Plaza Hotel, NYC

I am so grateful to have a job that allowed me to stay at The Plaza. Otherwise I don’t think I would have had such an opportunity in this lifetime, unless I won the lotto or some sort of prize, because the rack room rate is approx $800-1000+tax.

I stayed at The Plaza for a work event in December 2015 and it was a wonderful experience.

The hotel is certainly fancy pants. My room was spacious, however the room didn’t have a huge range of modern things – for example, the TV was a fairly standard size, the blinds were drawn manually.. those sorts of things. But the temperature and lighting could be controlled by an iPad provided in the room.

The Plaza Hotel NYC 2

BUT… everything was unimportant to me once I saw the bathroom. It was ginormous. It was bigger than the changing rooms I’ve been to at some gyms.

There was a deep bathtub that could easily fit 3-4 adults. A separate toilet with its own door. A shower with its own door. And it was all beautifully tiled, I think it was mosaic. With gold trim everywhere.

Once I saw the bathtub I made sure to make time to run a bath during my stay. Luckily, I had packed three or four Lush bath bombs Frenchie had once bought me.

The Plaza Hotel NYC 6b

I can’t report back of any of the other parts of the hotel besides two meeting rooms and the ballroom. On a side note, my work event went smoothly.

The Plaza Hotel NYC 7

Would I stay again? Of course… however unless it was highly discounted or free, I would need to work a lot longer and harder to stay using my own money.

The Plaza Hotel NYC 6a

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