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A New York New Year (2016)

I am not sure what date you’re allowed to wish someone a Happy New Year until but I am guessing it would be around now (late Feb).  So.. Happy New Year, Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year.

Apart from the post I made about eBates (where I just received over $200 in cash back – so get onto it if you haven’t already) – my last real posts were made in November. I stopped writing for personal reasons despite a lot of wonderful things happening since then and I will do my best to write about them in the coming weeks/months.

New Year’s Eve 2015 was celebrated in New York.  This time with Husband and my in-laws (if you do the family mathematics, they also equal to being Husband’s parents).

We started the evening off with a fancy pants steak at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House in midtown.

I had naively thought that being towards Central Park in the high 50’s streets, we would be able to simply exit the restaurant, walk to 7th Avenue and look down the road and watch the ball drop and the fireworks.

So you can imagine that I felt like a total idiot when one of our doormen told me that the streets would be closed off after a certain time.  And to reconfirm the New Year’s Eve madness, the restaurant sent me a special pass which allowed us to get past the police barriers outside the restaurant so we could enter and have dinner.

Firstly – dinner was amazing. I am not a huge steak person (as in I wouldn’t eat it every day if I could), however my steak was excellent.  Husband ordered a massive one the size of his head but was unable to finish it all. We also ordered a whole bunch of sides which were all very delicious.  By the time we left, we were extremely full and had a doggy bag with some of my steak, and Husband’s.

NYE Del Frisco 1
Husband’s steak

Secondly – fireworks fluke. As I previously explained, there were barriers all over the street for the New Year’s Eve event monitored by police. Down the avenues, ‘holding pens’ were set up so people could stand and wait/watch the fireworks, while also allowing people to cross over IF they supplied a pass or could prove they were residents of the city.

NYE 7th ave view
View down 7th Ave
NYE barriers 7th ave 2
One of the holding pens on 49th & 7th Ave
NYE barriers 7th ave 3
Another holding pen on 7th Ave

As we exited the restaurant, we were lucky enough to be able to walk down 49th towards 7th Ave. I was worried we would be sent towards 6th and be told to walk down to 59th and across to Broadway.

When we arrived at 49th & 7th Ave, it was fenced off and police manned the gate. They were not letting anyone through that were there to just watch the fireworks as thousands of people were already waiting in the pens lined along 7th Ave and had probably been there for hours, standing in the cold. They were only letting people through who needed to cross to get home or to a restaurant. A lady in front of us said she was going home and a police officer came to escort her to her apartment. This is when we got lucky. I showed my New York driver’s license and the four of us were let through. Instead of walking across 7th Ave, we walked up it and Husband found a pen that was opened, and we slid in and waited with others for the fireworks. We were super lucky as the positioning of the pen faced down 7th Ave with a perfect view of the ball dropping and the fireworks.

We waited until midnight, watched the ball drop and the fireworks and then were able to walk home easily and quickly.

I am a New Year’s Eve snob so I won’t give my opinion on the New York one, again. I will say that it was a lovely night but I won’t be doing another New York NYE again. Two years in a row is enough.

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