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“Fall”ing more in love…

I have always loved fall/autumn.

And by “always” I mean since 2007.

In Australia, especially Queensland where I am from, we don’t tend to get distinct ‘seasons’.

Sure – we were taught there are ‘seasons’ – we are not that uneducated as some other countries may believe – but in reality, for me while I was living in Brisbane, the seasons were ‘hot and humid’ or ‘not so hot and humid’. Or ‘summer’ and ‘a little less of summer’.

My first proper autumn / fall was when I lived in London.
I met Husband in late August and when we started dating, my fondest memories were our walks along the Thames in autumn, where the leaves were turning a red and yellow, the air crisp and mild, and romance seem to fill each step and breath of air.
I love wearing coats, gloves, scarves and beanies (aka hats) and the clothing just added to the setting.

Husband and I walked along the Thames and talked. There are no memorable conversations – just the company of each other in a setting I had only read about in Cecelia Ahern novels or British movies like Love Actually.

When we moved to Sydney I didn’t feel like it had a true autumn although the leaves did turn in color and fall, but it was nothing like our time in London.

I thought those memories would remain just that as we wouldn’t be able to relive those moments… Until now.

New York’s fall is spectacular.

Husband and I have gone for leisurely strolls through Central Park and the beauty of the different colors is breathtaking. And each walk is different as the sunlight must enter through the trees and project a different type of unique beauty.

My favorite site is when the squirrels climb up to the very top of the tall, giant trees and their weight and movement from jumping from branch to branch shakes the leaves off the trees. This creates a red and yellow snowflake effect, where each leaf slowly and elegantly see-saws its way down to the ground.

And at that moment in time, where Husband is by my side, squirrels are up in the trees, the air is chilled to the perfect temperature and the leaves are falling – life is inexplicably perfect.

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