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Mindy Kaling & Tina Fey – 92Y, NYC

Mindy Kaling book tour
Mindy Kaling book tour 2

This Wednesday I attended one of Mindy Kaling’s book tour events where she was interviewed by Tina Fey on stage at the 92Y Center. This was part of her #whynotme book tour.

I love Mindy and I love Tina – so this Wednesday night was just an amazing experience for me and I was getting a 2-4-1 deal here.

Just a recap for all those who don’t know who the heck I am talking about:

Mindy Kaling is a comedian / actor / writer – plus more. She has worked on shows like The Office (US version) and The Mindy Project. I love her character Mindy Lahiri in The Mindy Project, and I find that the script for the show is excellently written, and the actors on the show do not fail it with their delivery. It’s a show which makes me actually laugh out loud.

Tina Fey is a comedian / actor / writer – plus more. She has been on Saturday Night Live back in the day. Her most recent show she has been a lead for would be 30 Rock where she plays Liz Lemon. And she is now working on her new show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I never watched 30 Rock religiously but I watched all of Kimmy Schmidt’s first season in one day, and I love it.

It’s funny that both of the above shows I really like are based in Manhattan.

Mindy Kaling book tour 5

Mindy released her new book ‘Why Not Me’ earlier this week and this was one of her promo events. Tina Fey for whatever reason was her ‘sidekick’ for the book tour and was the one up on stage, talking to and asking Mindy questions generally about her book – but not all of it was about the book.

Mindy Kaling book tour 3

The event went on for about 1.5 hours and I was lucky enough to score a pretty prime seat in the theatre – at a decent price as well. Originally the tickets went on sale starting for about $50-60 (plus fees) and when I had originally looked, a lot of the seats were gone. I thought I had logged on when the tickets were released so I was in a bit of panic when I realised I was not one of the first. When I first looked, there were only tickets left at the back of the Mezzanine level and the prices had already gone up to around $60-70. I then tried to buy them but was thrown out of the online system and when I was able to get back in again, I saw there was a seat available six rows from the front and at $65. I immediately purchased it and justified part of the cost with the signed copy of the book included in the ticket sale. I had noone directly in front of me as that row was reserved for disabled people.

Mindy Kaling book tour 6

Nothing really stood out during the night as rolling on the floor hilarious although overall the night was enjoyable, as they were both funny and charming women.

Mindy Kaling book tour 7

Towards the end of the interview, Tina asked Mindy questions audience members had written. And the last questions was something like ‘What is the one thing you know?’

Mindy Kaling book tour 9

Of course that question is so open. And I found myself thinking what I would say if someone asked me. And I knew my answer. And having some knowledge of Mindy’s life, about her mother having passed away around four years ago, I wondered if her answer would be about that.

So Mindy answered something like ‘Mine’s a sentimental one. The one thing I know is the sound of my mother’s voice’.
I teared up a little when I heard her say that because, for me, I often feel like I know nothing certain about the world because I am always learning – but the one thing I do know is about the heartbreak which followed me after my mother’s death.

I have only read a few of the first chapters of Mindy’s book, plus an extract – instead of my usual binge reading I have decided to read this one at a slower pace. I don’t necessarily agree with all her opinions so I don’t want people to have a misconception that I am a Mindy Kaling advocate in everything she says. Without trying to sound harsh about her but at times she comes across a little bitter and tries to cover it up with humour to lighten her opinion.  I am however a complete advocate of her tv show.

Here are some photos of Ava helping promote Mindy’s book.

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