London calling…

I have been in London for almost three weeks and to be completely honest, this trip has been very uneventful besides a few catch up dinners with friends, and Husband’s dad’s 60th weekend.

We flew Virgin Atlantic from JFK to Heathrow.  Husband was flying with work so he was able to get us both access into the Virgin Clubhouse and unfortunately, of all airline lounges I have been to – this was one of the more disappointing international ones.

Cons: The lounge was small, we had table service dining and the food was slow and bland (making me worry whether we would get the food before the flight!), the toilet & shower rooms were disgusting (I went into two different ones and a) it smelt of someone else’s #2 & b) unclean).

Pros: We got access into the lounge to sit.

We will be flying Delta from Heathrow to JFK but I am not sure whether we will have time in the lounge considering we need to get a few things from duty free.

The highlights of my trip so far:

  • Ate M&S’s sticky date pudding three times on this trip
  • Ate 8 punnets of British raspberries
  • Met up with friends and their new baby/babies which was lovely as they are all so small and cute
  • Celebrated our 8th year anniversary by going to The Shard and having a meal at aqua shard
  • Bought all the Cadbury, Thornton’s and Hotel Chocolat I needed for presents and chocolate fixes
  • Ate proper fish & chips
  • Celebrated Husband’s dad’s 60th at a lovely Indian restaurant with all his friends
  • Seeing Husband’s granddad
  • Went to a Derby County football (soccer) game

We fly out tomorrow but have to vacate the apartment at 11am.  Husband says we won’t leave for the airport until 3pm, leaving me to find a way to spend 4 hours… so I have decided to do a day of ‘cultural’ stuff and go to a couple of museums.

I don’t know why but it just feels like I will be returning soon so I didn’t need to go and play tourist.

Comments are always appreciated.. what's on your mind?

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