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BookCon 2015 – Saturday, May 30

I attended the BookCon earlier this year, and my main reason for going was to see Mindy live.
BookCon is like the famous ComicCon but for.. well, books and authors. It’s relatively new as the first one was only held last year. The 2016 event will be held in Chicago.

10 dog star
Bodhi the menswear dog – http://mensweardog.tumblr.com/

The 2015 BookCon was held on Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 May at the JavIT Center. Here is a copy of the 2015 schedule – BookCon 2015 agenda.

Mindy’s panel was the first main event of the Saturday and it was advised by the organisers that once you arrived you then had to go wait in a line to grab wrist bands for the panels that you wanted to see. Meaning, if I didn’t get a Mindy wristband, the main reason for my going would be over.

I started to follow the social media pages and apps closely and living so close to the JAVITS Center I considered going down and waiting from 4:30am. However, I then thought that maybe it was a bit too early. And decided to get there by 6-6:30am.

By the time I arrived, approximately 6—6:30am, there were already people in line! I immediately felt a bit bummed out because if I had arrived earlier I would be closer to the front of the line!

I think the doors were supposed to be opened at 9am but there were delays and we didn’t end up going in until closer to 10. As soon as we were let in, nearly everyone ran to the area where the wrist bands were handed out.

I stood in line until about 10:50am where we were allowed to go into the auditorium and sit (bear in mind that means I had been standing since 6-6:30am), so a little sit down was well due.

I got seats 4th row from the front! I was so excited as the seats directly in front were reserved for media or VIPs or something.

Eventually, Mindy came out with BJ Novak and the panel interview was excellent. Mindy was eloquent, funny, smart – and gorgeous. I wish the panel went on for at least another hour.

After the panel, I walked aimlessly around the event halls, collecting free books and chatting to different authors.
The only other panel I went to was Nick Offerman’s where he had Paul Rudd as a guest panel / friend. A lot of what they were saying was lost of me since I wasn’t a mega fan of his, like I am on Mindy’s (although I love Paul, just don’t Nick).

Nick Offerman panel

Overall, it was a great day.

But really, the best thing that came out of the whole day was when I made a friend with a girl who was three people in front of me in the line who also attended the event by herself.

We actually hung out the whole time at BookCon and have since seen each other. I will call her Miss BC or BC (for Miss BookCon, Bookcon) in future posts.

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