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A visit to Hulu’s Seinfeld pop-up apartment

On Sunday a few of us went to the pop-up Seinfeld apartment re-created by Hulu.

It was created in celebration of the full Seinfeld series being streamed on Hulu.

It was truly an awesome experience.  The pop up apartment was only opened for five days and Sunday was the last day.

We arrived at 8am for a 10am opening but the organisers saw that the line was already curling around the block and decided to let us go in at around 9:30am which was pretty awesome.

There was an area which featured props from the show, and the recreation of the hallway at Jerry’s apartment, Kramer’s door, Jerry’s kitchen, lounge, work space and bathroom.

Jerry’s apartment address in the show was 129 West 81st Street, Apartment 5A, however the pop up was in the Meatpacking District, Chelsea at 451 West 14th Street.

My favourite bit was where you could recreate the photoshoot George had with Kramer. Below is a video of this massive Seinfeld fan’s re-enactment.  This was his second visit to the apartment as he said he didn’t have the black socks on the first time around.

In the gallery below you will see some of the tattoos this guy had and photos I took of the apartment.

Interesting fact:

Our apartment is on the same street as the soup shop which inspired the Soup Nazi character!

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