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Smorgasburg in Williamsburg

Smorgasburg Brooklyn

Our first trip ever to Brooklyn was to visit the Smorgasburghttp://www.smorgasburg.com/ in Williamsburg.

Smorgasburg is a weekly event where loads of different food vendors set up a site and sell their food.  Anything from ribs, burgers, buns to cookies, ice-cream sandwiches and popcorn.

It was the first weekend the Smorgasburg returned to its outdoor spot after the winter break.

The Saturday we went the Smorgasburg was held at East River State Park (90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St.) near the water. It was the first weekend it was back outdoors as during the winter time it is held undercover.

I could imagine that in the summer months or the hotter weather it would be quite gorgeous to grab some food and sit by the water.  However on this Saturday, the weather was quite windy.

Let me revise that last sentence to it being: It was windy.

It was so windy that we saw several people chasing after their notes, vendors chasing after their napkins, and one of the vendor’s tent was pulled up towards the sky.

Smorgasburg view
Sunny but windy day

I actually found it a bit scary, and I was particularly freaked out as it was April (the 4th month) the 4th, and I had woken mysteriously at 4:44AM, so I thought that something bad was going to happen (Chinese have a superstition with the number 4 and although I am not overly superstitious, having so many 4s in the day did make me feel a bit weary).

Thankfully no tragedy occurred that day.  Unless you count my poor arteries.

Let me explain:

As we arrived on time to meet some friends, they were running late.

So to waste time, we thought we would go line up for the infamous Ramen Burger as their queue was quite long. Husband and I had walked around the whole market and we thought standing in line was at least something to do than standing around elsewhere.

It was there that I witnessed one guy chase after a flying note which I could imagine was either a $20 or $50, and a vendor’s tent take off.

Ahhh.. the Ramen Burger.

ramen burger queue
Ramen Burger queue

I had read about the Ramen Burger so many times that I actually didn’t feel like having one but lined up due to the wind and out of curiosity.

“A fresh USDA Prime ground beef chuck patty sandwiched between two craftily formed buns made from freshly cut ramen noodles. Accompanied by a special shoyu glaze, concocted by Keizo Shimamoto himself, and choice market fresh vegetables, the Ramen Burger™ is the biggest thing in Ramen and Burgers.” – http://ramenburger.com/
It cost $10 with the cheese.


The taste was not bad, pretty good actually.  With one mouthful, you get some meat and noodles and the sauce, and it made a very flavoursome bite.

But the oil… errk…. just so much of it… really made the whole experience…. Disgusting.

There was so much oil that after taking a bite of the burger, my lips could have been mistaken as having a fresh coat of lipgloss.  Of course, it wasn’t lipgloss, it was oil.

If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I don’t really get put off with junk food, I am the junk food Queen… but this took the cake and made me realise I needed to stop eating so much crap!!!

I would definitely recommend Smorgasburg and I would recommend trying the Ramen Burger but maybe between a whole bunch of people to share it with.

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