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My Girl Scout Cookies hunt (2015)

Here are a few facts about these elusive Girl Scout Cookies that you may or may not know:

• You can (or should) only buy them off a Girl Scout
• It’s one of the largest Girls Scout fundraising events for the year
• The cookies have been sold since 1917
• Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, and Trefoils are the core 5 cookies offered each year for sale. Other flavours vary each year
• Each Girl Scout council determines how much to charge for a box of cookies
• The cookies are on sale only for a certain period

I recently watched a documentary about the history of cookies in the USA, and it said that the idea to only sell the Girl Scout Cookies for a short period of time during the year, was to help their marketing, and also drive demand.

Girl Scout Cookies 2

But the Girl Scouts will just say it’s because they are busy running other things to earn different badges and stuff.

Anyway, their marketing strategy worked on me.

All I could think about after finding out it was Cookie Season was where and how to get them.
But I was having trouble finding them.

I don’t know any girls in New York, let alone Girl Scouts. And it wasn’t like they were setting up tables outside of Times Square or Central Park.

So I downloaded the Girl Scouts Cookie Finder app onto my iPhone. But when I did a search, there weren’t any Girl Scouts selling them close by to my home.

However, before I left for Houston, I did a search and found a couple of places Scouts were selling them on the Saturday – so I went hunting for them.

The first place I went to – no Girl Scout or cookies in sight. Whaaaat?

The next place – again, nothing. Nooooooooooooo. I could’ve dropped to my knees and started crying in the carpark if Husband and his work colleague weren’t waiting for me in the car.

I was a little bit pissy with the Cookie Finder app. Defeated, I decided to try my luck back in New York, even if I had to head out to the Bronx or Brooklyn just to get a few boxes.

But it worried me that I would make my way out to wherever the Cookie Finder app told me to go and I’d find a vacant car park again.

So I went online and found a seller on eBay.

Yes, yes. Typically you should be buying them off a cute little girl who’s knocked on your door dressed in their Girl Scouts uniform. But that obviously wasn’t going to happen for me.

So instead, I bought them off a parent who claimed they were selling them for their daughter. From Wisconsin. Where’s Wisconsin? It’s north of Chicago. Where’s Chicago? Kind of to the left of New York on a map.

I was happy with the deal.

One CASE of cookies (12 boxes in a case) for just under $60 inc shipping via FedEx.

Girl Scout Cookie 5

I ordered a mixed case of:

3 boxes of Thin Mints
1  box of Shortbread/Trefoils
2 boxes of Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs
1 box of Lemonades
2 boxes of Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do Si Dos
2 boxes of Caramel deLites/Samoas
1 box of Thanks-A-Lot

(It should be no surprise that I did not order any Cranberry Citrus Crisps. Eeeww.)

Girl Scout Cookie 3

The case arrived only a couple of days after I placed the order.

My first impression was the carton of 12 boxes looked a bit small.

But once I opened the carton and emptied out all the boxes I realised that there were a lot of cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies order
My Girl Scout Cookies arrive!!!

OK, so the first box I opened and ate were the Thin Mints.  I like mint and I like chocolate.  And everyone I knew talks about this flavour.  I did enjoy them… so much that I ate half a box.  The cookie was a little different to what I expected.  I mean, they have nothing on a Mint Slice but they were pretty good.

Hopefully the other flavours of cookies will be good.  Otherwise they will be sitting in the freezer for when Husband’s parents arrive.

But this is no shock for those that know me as I am the human form of the Cookie Monster.

Will I buy anymore in the next season? I’m not sure. They were OK but as it is for a cause, Girl Scouts, sign me up.

Girl Scout Cookie 4

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