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My Central Park Winter Wonderland

Films and TV shows have romanticized the walk through Central Park for me.

They’d shown someone walking through, eating a bagel or something with one hand, and sipping a coffee from the other.

And I had always wanted to be that bagel eating, coffee drinking person.

Today was perfect for this scene as it was an absolutely beautiful winter’s day.

I had it all planned and researched the night before of where I was going to get my coffee and when I was going to go for my movie-style stroll.

I left home at around 10:30am and headed straight to Zibetto on 6th Avenue.   I ordered my soy cappuccino and chocolate croissant to go, and then walked straight up to Central Park.

I didn’t bother checking which path to take as I had all the time in the world.

I just bit and sipped every few steps, stopping to take photos every now and then.

There were loads of people out walking, jogging, running, site-seeing through the Park.  I was stopped by a Thai girl who asked me to take her photo on a footbridge in the Park.  She was in New York for just the day as she was just passing through from Copenhagen.

I decided to start my RunKeeper tracker midway through my walk, just so I could see where I had walked.

Moments later, I found what would become my favourite part of the Park.

I googled it just now and found out that it’s called The Mall and Literary Walk.  The walkway really took my breath away, despite the trees being barren (but not for long…).

Central Park
Central Park 12 March, 2015 (an actual photo with no filter.. well there’s a first)

It reminded me of Hyde Park in Sydney (a place that I loved so much I insisted that our wedding photos were taken there).

What made it that bit more magical for me, was that in that moment I walked down the path, a busker started to play a song from one of those movies made in the 50-60s on his sax. It really was quite transcendent for me.

I continued to walk until I decided it was time to head back home, and looped around again (you’ll see on my RunKeeper map).

RunKeeper map Central Park 12 03 15
My RunKeeper map

I really could not have asked for a better ‘first’ experience.

I only wished Husband was with me. But at least I will have another first when I go with him.

I am going to walk through Central Park during each season so I could see how the foliage changes. So look out for a post from each season.

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