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Veniero’s Pasticceria, NYC

Last night after dinner at Baohaus, and since we were in the area, we went to Veniero’s Pasticceria – 342 E. 11th St.- to continue the hunt for the best New York Cheesecake.

As we entered the premises, we took a number and queued up to be served.  If you wanted to sit and eat, you could walk down to the cafe area at the back of the venue.

We arrived at approx 7:30pm and Veniero’s was very busy, with load of people waiting to be served for take-out. We waited about 30 minutes to get served which seemed to take forever. When we took our ticket they were serving numbers in the 50’s.  We pulled a ticket for 90.

At first, Husband and I had decided to get the 6” NY Cheesecake. But then I changed my mind and decided that since we were simply doing a taste test that we only needed the mini NY Cheesecake. The Italian Cheesecake intrigued Husband, so I ordered a slice of that, and I couldn’t pass up trying another cannoli, so I ordered a large Vanilla cannoli.

I carried the Veniero’s pastry box, tied securely with string, all the way home. I held onto that box as if the contents were delicate crystals because I didn’t want to eat a squished cheesecake.


With much success, we arrived home with all items intact.

So here is my review:


The Veniero’s New York Cheesecake is creamy, but not extremely heavy. It has a light tang and a mild sweetness.

It had no base at all, no sponge base or biscuit base.

The top wasn’t at all golden brown, or even a hint of a golden brown kiss, perhaps because it was a mini size?


Overall, I thought the New York Cheesecake from Veniero’s was pretty good.

However, unless I was in the area I wouldn’t go out of my especially to Veniero’s to line up for 30 minutes for it.

As for the other items:


Italian Cheesecake – Husband actually prefers this cheesecake now, compared to the NY cousin. The Veniero’s Italian Cheesecake is made of ricotta and whole eggs. I found that the texture was very soft and squidgy – not at all like the NY where it is thick and dense. I found the taste very eggy and it reminded me of a Dan Tat / Egg Tart.

Vanilla Cannoli – yet another lovely cannoli and I am glad I ordered this. The pastry was slightly crunchy and light. The vanilla cream filling was sweet, but not too sweet.

Veniero’s has been around for a long, long time. So they know what they are doing and of course, do it well. You can read more about their history on their website.

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