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Mighty Quinn’s, NYC

We had an out-of-town, actually, out-of-country friend visit us this weekend and Husband organised us to go out for a meat feast at Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque – West Village location.

I was super excited as I had heard about this place and it was on my to-do list.  You will also find it as a place to eat at in most of the NYC guide books.

According to Mighty Quinn’s website, they borrow BBQing traditions from Texas and the Carolinas (that’s the north and south… just a guess – ha ha).

After checking the menu before leaving our apartment, I had my eyes and stomach set on one thing – the Brontosaurus Rib. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was but at $23 I expected it to be awesome… and big.

We arrived around 6:30PM on a Friday and were pre-warned that we may need to wait for a min 20-30 mins in line. We must have got lucky as we walked straight in and there were plenty of free tables.

So I went to mind a table (which I was then told by the food delivery lady I wasn’t actually allowed to do until I had all my food, but I was allowed this one time because they weren’t too busy) while the guys ordered.

They came back with a two trays consisting of Pulled Pork, Brisket, a Brontosaurus Rib, with some sides; Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple & Pecans, Burnt End Baked Beans and Pomme Frites.  Husband said the guy who served him behind the counter was a bit arsey and said that we had ordered a load of food and that we would never be able to finish everything we ordered.

Mighty Feast!

To me, that sounded like a challenge more than a warning. Plus, what a great up-sell that was – ha ha.

It took us less than 30 minutes to devour pretty much everything but the Beans and Sweet Potato.  Not because we were button popping full but because they weren’t that great.

Here’s what I can report on each of the food items we ordered and shared:

  • Brontosaurus Rib – 10/10, hands down amazing BUT it would be wise to order this to share as the meat is fall off the Bronto bone, juicy and tender but there is a bit of fat, making it quite rich. When I mean share it, I meant share it with someone who has another type of meat – not just share the Bronto.
  • Brisket – 9.9/10, tender and tasty and if I had never laid tongue on the Bronto, I would say this was a 10/10 without a doubt.  I think I could go back and order a single serve with a side and be happily fed.
  • Pulled Pork – 9.9/10, cooked and seasoned perfectly and again, if I hadn’t tasted the Bronto and Brisket at the same time, it would have made a perfect 10 also. Same as the Brisket, if I came back to grab a single serve with a side I would be a very happy fatty.
  • Burnt End Baked Beans – these were baked beans in a sauce. I didn’t care for them much.
  • Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple & Pecans – this was super sweet and looked a bit like slop.. or if I was to be nice to describe presentation, like a thick soup.
  • Pomme Frites – normal, typical fries. These were OK but nothing amazing or write home about. I’d order them again but that is because I didn’t really like the other sides we tried on the night.

I am already envisioning my next visit where I have my in-laws on the guest list. I think there will be a few repeats on the meats we have already tried but I’d like to swap the sides for different ones.

Overall, our first Mighty experience was pretty damn Mighty.

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