Expat - New York

My First Blizzard (Juno)

You might have heard about Blizzard Juno heading towards NYC and the forecasts originally stating it may be the worse snow storm to hit the city.

Several types of transportation were cancelled, and there was a vehicle ban on the streets after 11PM on Monday night.

Well, being an unemployed home-maker at current, I had nothing better to do than take photos of this oncoming Blizzard so I could document the changes.

I was a little excited about the Blizzard – I guess because I knew I was safely tucked away in our apartment – and so was a little disappointed when the worse historical storm to be didn’t actually happen. Oh, and seeing snow is still a novelty to me.  I wonder if people that visit Australia and see brown, sunburnt grass is a novelty to them…

As you will see below, it looked just like another snowfall.

I guess the upside is that Husband got to work from home today due to the warnings that were announced on Sunday night by the NYC Mayor.  I’m reading that people are now complaining that the decisions made were a bit of an overreaction to the forecast. I am always on the mindset that you are best to be safe than sorry so I am all for the precautions set in place.

Another plus is that I was able to make a last minute Prime Now order through Amazon to stockpile the essentials. This included two packets of pretzels, chips, marshmallow, cereal, long life soy milk and biscuits.

4 mon 1015 AM
6 mon 1214 pm
7 Mon 115 pm
8 Mon 220 PM
9 mon 314 pm
10 mon 522 pm
11 mon 722 pm
13 mon 1014 pm
14 Tues 1226 am
15 Tues 132 am
16 Tues 339 AM
17 Tues 634 AM
18 Tues 829 AM

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