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Junior’s, NYC

Another must do for me is to find who really has the best New York Cheesecake.

I have so far only tried Junior’s. Junior’s claim that they have “the Most Fabulous Cheesecake and Desserts”.

Junior’s is a diner restaurant that sells well, diner food, along with desserts. The original restaurant can be found in Brooklyn, but there are two in Manhattan (Grand Central Station/Terminal, Times Square).

Husband and I went to the store at Grand Central Station, instead of going to the restaurant as we had already eaten dinner and all we wanted was the cheesecake.

So we purchased the smallest size Plain cheesecake (technically it was the Regular size at 6” in diametre) and took it home.

I quite enjoyed it. The texture was nice and I found it wasn’t as sweet or heavy as other cheesecakes I have had in my lifetime.

But there was something unusual about the Junior’s cheesecake which I couldn’t quite distinguish until I had a few more bites and a bit more of a poke around.  Then I found it – the base was not a biscuit base but made of sponge cake.

So you won’t get that cookie type crunch with a Junior’s. And I’m not saying that because there is a sponge base it wasn’t good, just different.

Unfortunately, the cheesecake also absorbed other smells and flavours in the fridge.  So by the time I went back to it the next morning, it tasted like a Chinese leftovers flavoured cheesecake. So out of instinct, I ate the rest of the cheesecake before it could absorb anymore flavours.

The Cheesecake Hunt will continue, so watch this space!

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