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My new favourite place in NYC – The Ziegfeld Theatre

On Friday afternoon I was near Husband’s office. Instead of going home, I was happy to find somewhere to waste some time I waited for him to finish work.

And that is where I discovered my new favourite hangout – The Ziegfeld Theatre.

The theatre instantly reminded me of the Hayden Orpheum Theatre Palace in Cremorne, Sydney. Which also reminded me of Frenchie because I had gone to the Orpheum with her.

Both the Ziegfeld and Orpheum theatres are old-fashioned and grand, unlike the modern movie complexes which are huge, bright and give very little character.

I had read that The Ziegfeld only plays one film as it only has one screen. And on Friday it was playing the Disney film, Into the Woods (starring Meryl Streep) which I knew nothing about at the time and when I saw the poster I thought it was a horror film. But being so excited to go to the movies for the first time in New York, I purchased my ticket anyway.

I then went to Duane Reade (the Starbucks of chemists in New York) and bought some candy to take with me into the cinema. Then when I returned to the cinema I bought popcorn and soda. As you will see below, I ate most of this during the movie.


The Ziegfeld is hands-down, classy and beautiful. I went up to the theatre level using the escalator but descended using the steps. The hand railings on the staircase were detailed, along with the walls and ceilings.

The actual movie theatre was impressive. I read later it was primarily used for premiere screenings. I also read people complaining about how the curtains were not drawn each time a movie played which I personally couldn’t care less about.

z 1
z 2

The seats are small and low, and felt like as if you were sitting on a balloon covered with material. I thought this all added to the feel of how the theatre must have been in the past, not like how it is today with almost La-Z-Boy seats.

The bathrooms were clean and again, had that old-fashion feel.

The movie itself was excellent. I’m not reviewing the movie here but I would highly recommend seeing it especially if you like something light hearted. Oh, and if you like musicals. It helps my experience because there was no more than 10 people the day I went. I guess most people are at work at 3PM on a Friday…

I can’t wait to go again to The Ziegfeld.


I love going to the movies.

Ever since I was a child I joined the movie club at the local cinema and went as often as I could.

I would say my favourite genre of film would be animation because anything is possible (although, with CGI these days, it’s making a lot of things also possible in the more traditional films with humans in it.)

As a child/teenager, I would see all the Walt Disney animations of my generation as they were released; such as The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Toy Story.

When I go to the cinemas I quite enjoy going by myself. I have had several conversations with people throughout my life who tell me how strange that is and that they would never go alone. I have never given much thought of what I must look like to people, sitting there all alone, as I am usually so preoccupied with getting excited about seeing the movie and eating all the movie junk food.

I also like to turn up early to watch all the ads. I like to be informed of all the upcoming films and the funny ads which are created especially for cinemas.

One of my super powers is that I can watch a movie (or tv show, or musical) more than once.  I remember when we got The Lion King on VHS and I watched it five times in a row.  And cried each time Simba’s dad died.

In addition, I also cried at the beginning of Up.

3 thoughts on “My new favourite place in NYC – The Ziegfeld Theatre

  1. I love blog. You describe everything you do in such detail. I feel like I am there with you. Thank you for telling me about the Ziegfeld Theater. I had never heard of it. Now I can add it to my bucket list. Hope they have a senior discount.


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