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Coal fired pizza from Lombardi’s

Last night we walked to Little Italy for pizza from Lombardi’s Pizza – 32 Spring St. New York, NY 10012 after a recommendation to go there because they had coal ovens which they cooked the pizzas in.

[We had our starter from Urban Lobster Shack which you can read here]

When we arrived we were given a buzzer and told it would be about a 10 min wait. We made our way towards the bar and stood around that area until our buzzer went off. The wait time estimate was pretty accurate.

When you enter Lombardi’s it doesn’t look like there are a lot of tables. But once we were taken to the back of the venue to our seat, we realised there actually was quite a lot of seating. Next time I would like to sit in the booths with the old Coca Cola lamp shades hanging above the table.

The tables were covered with a red and white checkered table cloth which gave it a nice touch of style and a theme.


I personally liked how the menu was simplistic where you chose your pizza base (tomato, white sauce) and then your toppings. It wasn’t a four page book where it listed different types of pizzas which were all a slight variation of the last.

We went for a tomato base with pepperoni topping.  Husband said to go for the large since it was only a few bucks more. The smaller size gives 6 slices, the large size has 8.


I still love how big the pizzas are over here – it’s such a novelty factor. Below you will see the elusive Husband holding a slice so you can get an indication of how big a slice is (side note: Husband has lovely hands, maybe he should become a hand model).


I would give the pizza a big thumbs up all round.

The base was lovely and crusty without being too hard. The topping was tasty and the cheese wasn’t slipping and sliding everywhere.  You could tell these guys had made a few (million) of these before.

In addition, the wait staff were great. They must see tourists tramp in and out day in and day out yet they were all polite AND friendly!

I have already noted that we will take Husband’s parents here when they come to visit. This place is a must go-to for pizza.

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