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Walking The High Line

My Lonely Planet guide noted this as one of the Top Sights to visit and Husband wanted to go, so once I bundled up with every last piece of clean clothing I had left in my wardrobe (yet to do any laundry since moving), we headed out to the High Line this afternoon.

I re-phrased a few lines from the Lonely Planet to help explain what the High Line is:

The High Line was once a dingy rail line that anchored a rather unsavoury district of thugs, trannies and slaughterhouses.

The tracks were commissioned in the 1930s when the municipal government decided to raise the street-level tracks after years of accidents that gave Tenth Ave the nickname ‘Death Avenue’.

Petitions were signed by local residents to remove the obsolete eyesores, but in 1999, a committee founded by Joshua David and Robert Hammond, formed to save the railway to transform the tracks into a unique elevated green space.

The walkway was quite empty as I guess most people that used the path were at work.

As you will see below, the walk was flat and therefore easy to walk. The pathways were quite wide all the way through and there were plenty of benches to sit to have a romantic chat, eat lunch or have some time out to read a book.  We did none of these things as it was -1 degree Celsius and for most of the time I couldn’t feel my face.

My favourite areas of the High Line would have to be the garden areas and the sun beds on wheels sitting on the trackline which you can roll along the tracks. I can’t wait to revisit during spring and autumn to see how the foliage would have changed.

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