The lounge pig strikes again

Husband and I landed safely Sunday at JFK.

Our flights with Cathay (SYD-HK-NY) all went well. We sat in premium economy which I thought was pretty good. The seats were spacious with plenty of leg room, not that I really needed it, being only 5ft 6.

The flight on the first leg to HK was quite full.

We landed approx 4:30am HK time which was great as we first to enter the Cathay’s The Wing – First Class lounge that Husband had access to.

lounge pig strikes again
The Wing lounge

I had read that this lounge had private cabanas. And OMG, it did NOT disappoint!

I was led into cabana room number 1 (there is only five in total) and immediately I was impressed.

The size of the room was almost the size of our first apartment!

Upon entry, there was an enclosed toilet to my right with 3 wardrobes facing opposite to the toilet door.


Leading into the room, the area (next to the toilet) was a sink with a large mirror.

Cabana 2

On my left was a dressing table type area with a large bench.

Cabana 3

Behind the sink and large mirror was a wide brown sofa lounge which faced a full size bathtub and rainforest shower!

Cabana 4

The whole experience was absolutely amazing. I spent 1.5 hours in there where I had both a bath and shower. I had packed a Lush bathbomb, just in case, and ran a hot bath before washing my hair under the rainforest shower which had three types of shower head options!

And that is where I, the lounge pig, copped a view of herself in a full length mirror facing the rainforest shower that stimulated the idea that I needed to lose weight, or at least, get a lot lot fitter/toned. Soon. Very soon. So all I can say about the view is – it was very disappointing.

Moving on – the flight from HK to JFK was great.

There was about 5 people in business class, 5 in prem economy and not more than 60 in economy I’d say.

We sat on the first row which allowed us to have almost a mini bed as it had a foot recliner and you were able to lay a little flatter than economy.

We arrived safely yesterday at noon and were able to check into our apartment two hours early because Customs was a breeze. There was no drilling about our intentions to stay in the US, nor were our bags searched.

Our temp accommodation is a studio apartment on Park Avenue.

It is fantastic. It’s close to the hustle and bustle but not so close we hear the non-stop noise.

It’s very modern, spacious for a studio and exactly what we need to start with.

And of course, the view is not bad either. Heh heh.

empire state building
Hint, this is not the Chrysler Building

More about New York life to come!

One thought on “The lounge pig strikes again

  1. What luck regarding the lounge. I have noticed that some are far better than others. My memory fails me now…because I can’t remember all 4 stops that we had to make going from Sydney to Jacksonville but some of the lounges were not much better than being at the gate…except for the cappuccinos.

    Amazing how the same airlines has different levels of food, service and accommodations in each city.


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