Umbrella etiquette

Lately, Sydney has been experiencing some stormy weather.  It will be raining while I am heading into work, clear up while I’m in the office, then rain heavily again when I’m heading back home.

I have no problem with it raining.

I don’t mind a good storm.

I even don’t mind walking in the rain (although there’s an unwritten rule that says I’m not allowed to turn up to work looking like a drowned rat).

My problem is with people with poor umbrella etiquette.

Mind, it isn’t something we are taught in school but I think some of the below examples I am going to give border line common sense.  But then again… is common sense actually that common?

Umbrella etiquette pet hates:

safe_imagePeople using a large golf umbrella amongst a crowd.  These people annoy the crap out of me because they do not lift up their umbrella so it is above everyone and walk through.  Instead, these obnoxious ignorant people just walk through the crowd, with the umbrella at everyone’s shoulder to head level, where you can get an umbrella stem in your eye or a gush of rain water all down your clothes.

MG_1067-660x440People using umbrellas undercover. I am talking about people using an umbrella when it is raining but when they reach a covered walkway, do not close up their umbrellas, but walk through with it still open.  This is annoying because the umbrella has usually collected rain and while these people squish through a narrow walkway, they are actually getting innocent walkway users wet.  People, fold your umbrella up.  It only takes two seconds!

9275621Using a broken umbrella.  I am only referring to the umbrellas which are ‘broken’ as per the image I’ve attached.  I have a few sore points with this one, firstly, it’s pretty dangerous, walking around people at their eye level with metal bars jutting out everywhere, and secondly, what’s actually left of the umbrella doesn’t really cover much of the body.


Smelly umbrellas.  I’ve been a culprit of this before.  Where I have used my umbrella, forgotten to air it out, and the next time I use it, it stinks.  And that was the last time I ever used that umbrella.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I was victim of a smelly umbrella.  I was sitting on a packed bus, on a rainy, humid morning, and it was getting pretty stuffy.  A man behind me decides to dry off his umbrella by flicking it around a few times – it was then I copped a smell of his mouldy umbrella and I wanted to dry retch.

umbrella manPeople carrying large umbrellas tucked under their arms.  It’s tricky when you have a large golf umbrella.

I have a giant one, it’s storm resistant, has a fibreglass frame and an anti-slip handle.  I love it.

But I do not walk around with it tucked under my arm, therefore increasing my width size by 3-4 times and poking everyone around me.  I usually find men are the culprit of walking around with these types of umbrellas as if it’s a folded newspaper under their arms.

So remember next time when you are using your umbrella, be considerate towards others and have some umbrella manners!

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